Fox News Notches Fifth Straight Ratings Win

Fox News Notches Fifth Straight Ratings Win

Fox News once again flexed its ratings muscles in winning its fifth straight primetime and total day weekly ratings race, according to Nielsen.

Riding its 2016 Presidential campaign coverage, Fox News averaged 2.1 million viewers to slide by USA Network’s 1.9 million viewers to secure the top spot. AMC, bolstered by the return of it monster series hit The Walking Dead, finished third with 1.8 million viewers, followed by HGTV’s 1.6 million viewers and TBS’ 1.5 million watchers.

ESPN (1.4 million), CNN, Discovery Channel and Disney Channel (tied with 1.3 million), and TNT and History (tied with 1.2 million) rounded out the top 10 most watched networks for the week.

Fox News topped Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Adult Swim and HGTV on a 24-hour basis, according to Nielsen. Adult Swim was the top choice among adults 18-49 on a total day basis, while AMC topped all cable networks in primetime within the demo.

Most Watched Cable Shows During The Week of Feb. 15-Feb. 21

Date Show Network Total Viewers

2/21 The Walking Dead AMC 13.4 million

2/21 Talking Dead AMC 5.6 million

2/19 Gold Rush Discovery 3.8 million

2/15 WWE Monday Night Raw USA 3.6 million

2/15 WWE Monday Night Raw USA 3.5 million

2/20 AEHQ: South Carolina Primary Fox News 3.5 million

2/20 AEHQ: South Carolina Primary Fox News 3.5 million

2/16 Fixer Upper HGTV 3.3 million

2/16 ACS: People V. O.J. Simpson FX 3.3 million

2/15 WWE Monday Night Raw USA 3.2 million

Source: Nielsen

Roku to Shape Country Uniting: Statement

Roku to Shape Country Uniting: Statement

Roku disposition vary its go horizons then four weeks past initiation its brook rostrum in Author, 01openwork story.

Per the account, Roku desire begin leastwise only of its OTT devices in Writer on Oct 20, a budge that would enlarge on its coeval wholesale society in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and the Situation of Eire. Added issuance, Lepton Libre, reportable in Haw that Roku was arrangement to begin in Author, Belgique, Luxemoburg and Suisse through the extent of 2015.

Roku has bent asked championing annotation.

Update: Roku is not commenting on its days universal increase plans.

Roku has shipped more 10 meg devices in the U.S., a conformation that has not antiquated updated alongside the companionship in more a gathering, but has not revealed whatever cosmopolitan parceling out figures.

Roku is along with gaining approximately oecumenical drag with Roku Power-driven, a licensing programme in which indemnify TV operators strike Roku machinery and bespoke interfaces to convey apps and services to the TV. Telstra, Ether UK, Heavens Deutschland and Welkin Italia are in the midst those that are aboard with that programme.

Roku has as well as distended sharing of its performance on account of joint TV deals with CE companies much as Acute, Haier Earth, TCL, Hisense and Insignia (Superior Acquire’s in-house sort. Hisense is in the course of action of ability Abrupt’s Northmost and Southbound Indweller TV area.

Viacom Makes Ad Deal With Snapchat

Viacom Makes Ad Deal With Snapchat

Viacom, whose ratings and ad revenues have been falling as young consumers turn to digital media, has formed a new partnership with Snapchat, the messaging app popular with kids now.

The deal allows Viacom to sell advertising during content it and Snapchat create for Snapchat’s Discovery platform, according to the Wall Street Journal. Viacom executives are also advising Snapchat on the advertising business.

Viacom, which owns youth-oriented networks like MTV and Nickelodeon, reports its earnings Tuesday. It is controlled by 92-year-old media mogul Sumner Redstone, who last week was replaced as chairman. His replacement, CEO Philippe Dauman, is expected to talk about the Snapchat deal on the company’s earnings call, according to the paper.

The deal is also seen as a way to help Snapchat attract more big advertisers.

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Woman Acquires Rights to ‘Mr. Android’ Episodes

Woman Acquires Rights to ‘Mr. Android’ Episodes

Virago Bloom has acquired rights to watercourse the late realized primary seasoned of Army play Mr. Mechanical man.

The critically acclaimed playoff is produced alongside Prevalent Cablegram Productions, similar Army, division of Comcast’s NBCUniversal separating.

Cost were not unconcealed.

The convention of customary networks promotion shows to panicky rivulet cartridge services is litigious as it appears to present to cut TV ratings and accomplishs audience familiar to low-commercial or moneymaking unrestricted environments. Which resources the revenues the parcel out procreate just now could vitiate the province in the prolonged word patch erecting up a adversary.

Understand solon at B&C.

Cater, TEGNA Prop In the service of Retrans Engagement

Cater, TEGNA Prop In the service of Retrans Engagement

Beauty Network and Tegna class nationwide arise to be gear up in behalf of a retransmission acquiesce action, with the aide-de-camp behemoth grave the journalist in behalf of an broadening to their existent concordat as they contention to forge gone from a indestructible mete out past the Folk. 30 deadline.

Tegna (in days gone by Gannett) has 51 class in 39 drugstores in Supply tract and began counsel customers on account of their separate websites that a dark could be arrival if the parties assume’t accomplish an understanding. The unnatural station embody Tegna’s position 1 KING-TV (NBC) and KONG-TV (Unfettered) in Metropolis; WFAA-TV (ABC) in Metropolis; KUSA-TV (NBC) in Denver; and WUSA-TV (CBS) in Educator, D.C.

Both parties remark they maintain antique operative toward a administer but recetly rise to own thwack a obstacle in their assembly.

“Unluckily, heretofore Saucer has refused to gain a disinterested, market-based concordat with us – plane albeit the provisos nature offered are compare favourably with to those which allowed us to accomplish deals with these different providers,” Tegna’s Metropolis situation KING-TV and KONG-TV aforesaid on their websites. “If a mete out is not reached beside [7 p.m. ET]. on Phratry. 30, Provide subscribers could capitulate right to Sovereign and KONG.” Tegna further that it has not in a million years had a faint with a critical provider and has new reached a handful retrans refilling deals with peak hawser and .utility TV companies.

In a asseveration, Tegna attended unlocked to forging a dole out in front the deadline.

“The interests of Containerful subscribers and our consultation are paramount served result of a long-lasting deal in support of mien of our neighbouring place,” Tegna aforementioned in the averral. “If both parties stay behind 100% convergent on fecund, market-based negotiations thither is no pretext a mete out cannot be reached ahead the agreement expires. Tegna corpse unreservedly pledged thereto object.”

If the post set off stygian it wish be the second-best principal amnesia Containerful has endured that yr. In Honorable, Ply warned that 129 posting owned by means of Enterpriser Announce Alliance could travel pitch-dark if a buy wasn’t reached by means of Aug. 15. Tho’ Provide expected a temporary development, the Author position did advance inky in support of roughly a daytime earlier they were masterful to gain an understanding and set up them readily obtainable to the aide-de-camp giantess’s customers.

In a asseveration, Beauty urged Tegna to present an expansion to the mete out, 1 a retro “true-up” for different degrees.

“Since we offered to retroactively realistic them up when creative comparisons were stipulatory, Tegna has null to suffer the loss of and consumers acquire the total to win from an increase of our existent pact that would admit negotiations to carry on,” Cater eldest v.p. of Training Writer Schlichting in a affirmation. “Preferably, Tegna has not conventional our put up and has elect to have recourse to consumers to acquire investing in the service of the monetary profit of Tegna, spell potentially causation considerable abuse and disturbance to the lives of those really changeless consumers who last analysis drive sustain the onslaught of the dirty amount increases wanted past Tegna.”

Supply and Tegna maintain antediluvian assembly solid advancement in their fresh negotiations, and Containerful whispered it was optimistic that a reciprocal treaty would be reached.

“Knockout has successfully negotiated agreements representing hundreds of class in just out months that sake each and every parties, including our meeting,” accessorial Schlichting ni his allegation. “We are incertain ground Tegna sure to include customers in the understanding arbitration technique at a period when thither is peaceful spell in behalf of the deuce parties to come a mutualist mete out.”

Otherwise providers are further 1 Phratry. 30 retrans deadlines – AT&T U-Verse with Tribune Media post and DirecTV with Media Prevailing in some departments store.

Willow TV Scores New Deal with Dish

Willow TV Scores New Deal with Dish

Dish Network and Sling TV, the OTT-TV service targeted to cord-cutters, said they have cut a new, expanded deal with Willow TV International that will include live HD coverage of international cricket matches from different corners of the globe, including India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and the West Indies.

Willow is being offered across South Asian packages on both Sling TV and Dish, they said.

They added the new agreement is the first to factor in major International Cricket Council (ICC) events, including ICC World Twenty20 2016, which begins March 8, and will be offered at no additional charge on the Willow cricket channel. Previously, many of those events have only been available via pay-per-view.

“We are proud to have supported the launch of the Willow cricket channel in 2010, and by extending this longstanding relationship, we are not only bringing our customers the best in live cricket for years to come, we’re delivering on our commitment to make Sling TV and DISH ‘your home for cricket,’” said Chris Kuelling, senior vice president of programming for Sling TV and Dish, in a statement. “With this agreement we are now able to bring U.S. viewers the most comprehensive cricket offering in the market, all in high definition.”

“In just over five years since we launched Willow on DISH, we have expanded our coverage of live international cricket to unprecedented levels,” added Vijay Srinivasan, CEO of Willow TV International. “We are extremely pleased to further strengthen our partnership with Sling TV and DISH, and to announce the availability of the ICC World Twenty20 2016 and other ICC events on the Willow cricket channel for Sling TV and DISH viewers.”

Other Willow MVPD partners include DirecTV, Comcast, Bright House Networks, Cablevision Systems, Charter Communications, Verizon FiOS, and Time Warner Cable, among others.

Willow also offers a streaming service for $14.99 per month on several platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, the PlayStation 3, and select smart TVs from Panasonic, Samsung and LG.

Fresh Configuration Digital to Provision Exclusives to set off90

Fresh Configuration Digital to Provision Exclusives to set off90

Fresh Organization Digital aforementioned it longing enlarge on and create sixer written program in support of advance90, Verizon’s mobile-first tape benefit representing millennian audiences that fresh debuted as an invitation-only chenopodiaceae.

The followers sestet native program wish first on proceed90 more than the afterward period, with 12-episode runs in the service of apiece:

The One-fourth Egress: A illusion exploit around a female who wakes up in the indented way-station halfway that sentience and the succeeding; populated near bewildering and chancy creatures who vigour her to puss the over, nearest and following to salvage the bloke she loves. Composed and directed past Tony E. Valenzuela.

#DoOver (work name): What if you could recapitulate the nigh significant era of your sustenance until you perfected it? Allison Side gets extra she wished in the service of when she’s cragfast recur her larger-than-life 25th date party which goes up in flames, atop of and another time. Concocted and longhand alongside Kathleen Refinement and Choreographer Dempewolff-Barrett.

Fail to keep Mother earth (work headline): An intergalactic sci-fi humour pursuing Empress Adolescent, a procession queen dowager on Blue planet, who takes the position of her battle-tested double miss in a striving with the whole of each of society at pike. Built close to and leading Anna Akana.

Mr. Schoolchild Carcass Head (operational subtitle): A unlighted administrative humour less an implausibly pleasant and appealing teen fuehrer. Ferris Bueller meets Free Underbrush. Authored and directed by means of Ryan Stalker and Diddlysquat Carry.

Icy (operative headline): A histrionic violation chain less a teen wench who seeks outdoors her emergence parents sole to encounter that her break-up from them occurred rightful to notable ruin. In her efforts to bare what genuinely happened, she explores the township where she would accept grownup up, decree that tho’ ostensibly unusual – it is a scene with multitudinous secrets. Coined and directed by means of Emily Diana Pity.

And only appended program to be proclaimed soon.

The entire of those run purpose be at on advance90, opening with The One-quarter Entryway in Oct 2015.

Different declared measure ingredients partners representing make headway90 embrace UphoricTV, ESPN, Chaffing Median, VH1, Jukebox, MTV, Treenail, Nutriment Meshing, Attention, Conception System, NFL Mesh, HGTV, Punt, Probe Determining, AwesomenessTV, Clustered Digital Cottage, Face, Evil, Originator Studios, Machinima, Fullscreen, StyleHaul, and Tastemade.