EPIX Mobilizes Download Recourse

EPIX Mobilizes Download Recourse

Connexion a thriving course, extra moving picture web EPIX understood it inclination presently permit to documented subscribers download titles to their non-stationary devices as a service to performance when they are offline.

EPIX aforementioned it’s adding the capacity after that four weeks via its non-stationary apps in the service of the Set alight Holocaust and iOS and Automaton tablets and smartphones, and wish be launched tandem with a selling struggle in partnership with associated distributors.

Whereas Netflix has remained chilled to complementing its rivulet dais with downloading, the download scale model has dated preference up somewhere else. River concluding hebdomad became the chief dues VOD watercourse benefit to unroll downloading to its apps as a service to iOS and Automaton, complementing inaugural stand by in behalf of downloading on Flames devices. Comcast and supports downloads in the service of a segment of its VOD repository via its Xfinity TV Onwards app (including movie titles from perquisite nets Starz, Encore, Movieplex and First), and lets consumers of its X1 Mottle DVR download proof shows to transportable devices in behalf of offline presentation. TiVo lately large downloading talent to its Golem app, erecting on a comparable capacity offered on iOS devices.

Perceive that record (fee compulsory) therein workweek’s Future TV branch in Multichannel Tidings and Medium & Cable for additional on the digital picture downloading demand, including percipience from Archangel Willner, CEO of Penthera, the companions behindhand a dais hailed Store & Transport.

EPIX held its unusual download earmark purposefulness fortify motion picture titles from franchises much as The Ravenousness Bolds, Criminal Manacles, and Supernova Trek, starting documentaries and tune and humour events.

“The EPIX end has every time antiquated to stock up our subscribers with after that flush enhancements, elevating how they buoy accession significance over devices,” whispered Dent Polyglot, EPIX chairperson and CEO, in a asseveration. “Through creating a meshing chief, realistic TV To each involvement, consumers container at present download a flicks from our assemblage and mind it anyplace, anytime, plane after a Wi-Fi bond – even as for the future at the airfield, roaming via carriage, travel to exertion, or regular on a encampment indiscretion. Consumers at this very moment maintain secured volume mobility.”

“From its start, EPIX has convergent on providing their reward movies and starting program to customers in as diverse shipway as plausible,” accessorial Microphone Beef, Period Filmmaker Strand’s SVP and GM, digital. “Effective with them to gain on engineering to form supplementary shipway representing our customers to look after is a giant mode representing us to count up measure in concert.”

EPIX’s TVE podium likewise supports the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS4, the Yahoo Chromecast torrent musician, 1 browsers, Roku players, a handful astute TV platforms from makers much as Sony, Acute and Philips, and Yahoo’s creative Golem TV tenets.

MVPDs that make available EPIX and possess TVE rights championing the utility take in AT&T U-verse, Refulgent Quarters Networks, TWC, Licence Study, Bag System, EPB Fiberoptics, Extremes Discipline, Steersman Study, Hargray, Verizon FiOS and Mediacom Field.

Skipper: ESPN Mulling Its Streaming Options

Skipper: ESPN Mulling Its Streaming Options

ESPN is in talks with Dish Network and other distributors about joining slimmed-down pay TV bundles, including some that are delivered over-the-top, ESPN president John Skipper said Wednesday at Re/code’s annual Code/Mediaconference in Dana Point, Calif.

ESPN is already being distributed by Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT-TV service for cord-cutters, and is apparently looking to broaden its opportunities as it seeks new ways to be part of slimmed-down programming packages. Those discussions could lead to more digital distribution opportunities for ESPN. .

“A number of people have expressed interest and we’re in discussions with a large number of people,” Skipper said. “I think other people will enter into some markets with lighter packages in this calendar year,” he added, but didn’t elaborate on who those new, potential partners are.

Among the possibilities, Apple’s been pursuing deals for a national OTT TV service focused on skinny packages that include the major broadcast TV networks but that service has reportedly been bogged down in carriage talks. Amazon, meanwhile, has shown interest in becoming a virtual MVPD, and now sells standalone access to Showtime and Starz and other services to Prime members via its new Streaming Partners Program.

As for Sling TV, that service “has brought in new people to the pay TV universe…and ESPN is a driver of that package,” Skipper said. “We plan to discuss bringing in new packages with other providers.”

Skipper also reiterated that ESPN still has no interest in being sold on a standalone basis – something that HBO and Showtime are now doing on the premium end of the pay TV market – but would rather continue to be included in bundles that include other Disney-owned channels.

“We can sell ESPN as a standalone product, but we do not believe it right now to be good business,” Skipper said. “There are lots of people who want ESPN, and it’s our task to figure out how to get packages to ESPN that work for them.”

TWC, Shining Household Achieve in Netflix Rankings

TWC, Shining Household Achieve in Netflix Rankings

Glittering Home Networks and Time Filmmaker Strand were the tremendous gainers in Netflix’s ISP Despatch Thesaurus in support of Dignified, even as Helmsman Subject maintain its comprehensive conduct mid chief band use providers.

Glittering Abode rosebush cardinal acne, to No. 4 on the schedule, with an mean rapidity of 3.57 Mbps in Honorable, up from 3.42 Mbps in the last four weeks. TWC jumped triad smudge, plant it fair-minded backside Shining Dwelling-place, with an customarily of 3.53 Mbps, up from 3.37 Mbps in July.

TWC has a freelance connectedness give out with Netflix. Radiant Domicile is presently benefiting from that treaty.

Mid added movers, Verizon FiOS swapped symptom with Cablevision Systems, to clutch the No. 2 groove on the index. Compact dropped cardinal smudge (to No. 6), as did Comcast (to No. 7)

With secondary ISPs factored in, Grande Field and Dmoz Stuff bound in the service of Venerable with an normally Netflix torrent speediness of 3.80 Mbps, followed next to Midcontinent Discipline (3.74 Mbps), EPB (3.73 Mbps), RCN (3.71 Mbps), and WideOpenWest (3.7 Mbps).

Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon too acquire compensable connectedness deals with Netflix. Various US ISPs, including Steerer, RCN, WOW, Cablevision and Suddenlink, are besides constituents of Unfastened Join, Netflix’s concealed components distribution textile that relies on border caches.

TV Individual Sets Rickey Smiley Actuality Programme

TV Individual Sets Rickey Smiley Actuality Programme

TV Only wish enlarge on a imaginative truth programme featuring wit Rickey Smiley to launching in Nov, thought meshwork officials.

The sequence, Rickey Smiley Championing Right, stars Smiley as he tries to alter his employment and house subsistence, thought material officials. Smiley asterisked on the side of figure seasons in TV Lone’s written fun playoff The Rickey Smiley Display.

The latest run purpose character Smiley and his quaternion children too as his prolonged relatives of co-workers, colleagues and bosoms buddy, according to TV Sole.

“So over 1 chain center abnormal personalities in the Swart territory, reflecting a basic point-of-view,” remarked D’Angela Supervisor, TV United’s coconut of initial indoctrination and preparation in a expression. “Rickey Smiley Championing Official seeks to tender an alternate portion of the fact pie in showcasing a prospering Coal-black chap navigating sentience and business, but filled with impartial as a great deal sustenance, play, and relatable situations we be versed interview and fans of Rickey Smiley wish take.”

Mimik Wins CableLabs Innovation Showcase

Mimik Wins CableLabs Innovation Showcase

A Vancouver-based startup focused on personal media cloud technologies took down the Innovation Showcase at this week’s CableLabs Winter Conference in Orlando, Fla.

That company, mimik Technology, said it showcased a software platform that “turns every digital device into a micro-cloud server.” That software, it said, is built on a small memory footprint that can be ported to a wide range of devices, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, gaming consoles and even cable set-top boxes. mimik has developed an app for Android mobile devices and, according to the company’s web site, has a version for iOS “coming soon.”

With mimik’s software on board, those devices can be transformed into micro-servers that create a “virtual cloud” that can enable the secure sharing and control of digital content across devices, including sensors and other connected devices in the broader Internet of Things ecosystem.

As for its potential with MVPDs, the company’s mimikTV offering enables operators to support OTT apps and content from sources such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Pandora on legacy set-top boxes. According to the company, mimikTV can also run on any commercial off-the-shelf Android-powered set-top, and supports multiple broadcasting standards.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by CableLabs from hundreds of applicants to showcase the mimik software platform, and proud to have been voted by the cable industry professionals as the most innovative technology, Siavash Alamouti, mimik’s president and CEO, said in a statement. “Our platform is the result of many years of R&D and empowers consumers to take control of their digital assets as well as access and share content in a new way. This is what we call digital freedom.”

Update: Per CableLabs, others that participated in the Innovation Showcase included: CCS, iPosi, Kaybus, LISNR, Movius, OZ, PixelPin, Skyport Systems, and Storj.io.

CenturyLink Expands 1-Gig Intercommunicate

CenturyLink Expands 1-Gig Intercommunicate

CenturyLink aforesaid it has deployed its fiber-based, proportionate 1-Gig wideband overhaul to residences and businesses in parts of cardinal many states, and is on route to its gigabit offering at one’s disposal to less 700,000 homes alongside the termination of 2015.

With the most recent structure additions (parts of Arizona, Idaho, Siouan, Unique Mexico, Northerly Carolina and Southern Sioux), CenturyLink just now offers the benefit in 17 states. Others comprehend General, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, River, Nebraska, Minnesota, River, Siouan, River, and Florida. CenturyLink kicked incorrect gig services in City in 2013.

CenturyLink’s 1-Gig system and maintenance expansions make as it and remaining telcos advance inferior to many agonistical pressing chain operators that are victimization a incorporate of DOCSIS 3.0- and fiber-based technologies to bring gb speeds. On the perspective is DOCSIS 3.1, a multi-gigabit stage on the side of Fluorocarbon networks.

“We thought from the deeply origin that we weren’t prosperous to impartial whimper transfer fizgig speeds to our customers, but that we were succeeding to hand out these speeds at present. That’s strictly what we’ve over,” Shirish Lal, CenturyLink main publicity government agent, believed in a expression. “Consumers and diminutive businesses are psyched up on the side of a band use that is efficient of holding up with in the present day’s bandwidth demands. With the bourgeoning of the Info strada of Items and the link of circadian objects to the World wide web and to joined other, we are delighted to purvey speeds that containerful uphold these unusual technologies.”

CenturyLink is additionally deploying its remunerate TV overhaul, Prism TV, with the aid its cloth ocular cloth. It has launched Prism TV in Metropolis, La Crosse and Platteville, Wis.; Town and President Megalopolis, Mo.; Tallahassee and principal and southwesterly Florida; Las Vegas; middle N.C.; Constellation; City, Nose.; Denver and River Springs, Colo.; Metropolis; Common Lake Urban district; and Metropolis.

CenturyLink, which is developing an OTT service that commode be offered in and outdoors of wireline footprint, concluded the next region with 258,000 Prism TV customers.

IFC Taps Dana Gould, Hank Azaria for Scripted Series

IFC Taps Dana Gould, Hank Azaria for Scripted Series

IFC will add to its scripted series lineup with projects from Dana Gould and Hank Azaria, the network said Monday.

Gould (The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation) will executive produce and write Stan Against Evil, a comedy horror series featuring the teaming of a perpetually disgruntled former sheriff and the tough and beautiful new sheriff who fight against a plague of unleashed demons that have been haunting the town, according to network officials.

Azaria will star in Brockmire, as a famed major league baseball announcer who suffers a very public meltdown live on the air but looks to regain his career by calling minor league baseball games in a small town.

“Demons and disgrace are at the forefront of IFC’s new comedy strategy,” said Caserta in making the announcement. “And there’s no one we’d rather be in bed with – or save small towns with – than Hank and Dana. One of the hallmarks of IFC’s success is the exceptional caliber of creative genius that we get to partner with, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be making these shows.”