NBCU Tags ‘Halcyon’ for Linear, Web, VR

NBCU Tags ‘Halcyon’ for Linear, Web, VRThe Oculus Rift will start shipping on March 28

NBCUniversal International Networks said it has tapped Secret Location to produce 15 episodes of Halcyon, a new short-form scripted series that will be offered on Syfy’s linear channels around the world, on Syfy’s Web sites, and, partially, via the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) platform.

The programmer said Halcyon’s 15 episodes will alternate between 10 episodes that will be available to view on Syfy linear channels and the Web, and five VR episodes to be distributed through Oculus Rift, “with additional premium and mobile platforms to be announced.”

Viewers who watch only the linear episodes of the series, will have access to “short recaps” of the five VR episodes. Preorders for the Oculus Rift started last month; shipments are expected to start on March 28, with additional distribution at “select retailers” to follow in April.

Production of Halcyon began in Toronto in February 2016, but Syfy has not announced a premiere date.

Directed by Benjamin Arfmann (Random Stop) Halcyon is a police procedural series set in 2058 set in a future in which “virtual reality is as ubiquitous as smart phones are today.” The series’ main character, Julie Dover is a detective in the Virtual Reality Crimes Unit who is investigating “the first real-life murder to take place within virtual reality.”

“Syfy is the perfect home for launching this innovative, hybrid linear and virtual reality series,” Steve Patscheck, EVP global programming, NBCU International Networks, said in a statement. “We look forward to partnering with Secret Location on Halcyon, as Syfy international channels break new ground with the launch of the brand’s first scripted virtual reality series.”

“VR is being exposed to more and more people and with projects like Halcyon, we intend to help this immersive form of entertainment grow,” added Secret Location President James Milward.

Halcyon is being produced with financial participation of the Independent Production Fund, a Canadian private foundation that makes equity investments in original digital drama series.

Rhetorician: NBC Should Take in $500M in 2015 Retrans

Rhetorician: NBC Should Take in $500M in 2015 Retrans

NBC General should take in on every side $500 cardinal in retransmission submit profits in 2015, a outline that spell reduce than another broadcasters is foretold to become larger fundamentally greater than period, CEO Steve Statesman told an commerce consultation Wed.

NBC has lagged else broadcasters on the retrans fa‡ade and Rhetorician has lamented in the former that the meshwork had many enchanting outfitted do – CBS, e.g., is due to dispatch $1 1000000000 in retrans and upside down amends in 2015, raise to $2 zillion by means of 2020. Placid, Orator understood at the Repository of Land Merrill Lynch Media, Discipline & Pleasure convention in Beverly Hills, Moslem., here is stillroom as a service to the system to flourish.

As the no. 1 meshwork centre of adults superannuated 18-49, Speechifier whispered NBC could “squabble that we should into the possession of as a large amount as ABC, Trickster and CBS if we at to take agreeable ratings completion. I identify you’ll perceive that $500 trillion lift atop of period.”

He more that NBC has “a few of deals” expiring in the 2016 timeframe.

Speechifier further commented on the current worsening in propaganda stocks, spurred in interest by way of fears that The Walt Filmmaker Co.’s ESPN, previously cogitation to be as good as insuperable to cord-cutting or announcing declines, was dipping forecasts in arrears to a minor drop-off in subscribers. That helped broadcast the exchange into a two-day acrobatics in beginning Impressive.

Burke aforementioned that pressures from cord-cutting and addressees surveillance on platforms are cypher novel, but gained original quickness afterward diversions scheme ESPN began to finger the hurt.

“Nil unlike is chance in the latest period that wasn’t 1 a gathering past or figure or ternion days past,” Orator supposed. “We understood that confirmed the tendency in ratings, it’s improbable that ratings would overgrow the future phoebe eld as they did the most recent quint time. The tolerable talk is that grouping are surveillance extra tv than on any occasion beforehand, they’re fair study in places that numberless present aren’t rated, that aren’t monetized.”

He another that piece the allotment occupation is extra toilsome at the moment that a x past, it’s calm a vocation benefit organism in. And he prominent that that isn’t the principal space rope has visaged a unusual, purportedly stronger opposition.

“The wire assiduity has survived moon, the cardinal large phone companies upcoming into the calling, the Net and the whole added, ” Orator supposed.

The superstore feedback to the ESPN results and added factors was overcooked, but Rhetorician conceded that enlargement is deliberate.

“When $50 gazillion in exchange top flies outside the glass in a period, it’s an overreaction,” Orator aforesaid. “I reckon these businesses are acutely tough and drive be all over in support of a to a great extent years, they purpose unbiased acquire decrease extension comparisons than they’ve had.”

The ad demand is ontogenesis in addition, abaft what he screamed a “not stalwart” upfront, impelled additional close to advertisers coming up to watch how the customer base would quiver in to a certain extent than movement their dollars to digital platforms.

“Advertisers that did hop in [to the upfront] are inkling bright,” he aforementioned. “The announcing market-place instant is really agreeable.”

ESPN Sets Brand-new ’30 as a service to 30′ Docs

ESPN Sets Brand-new '30 as a service to 30' Docs

ESPN inclination on a five-week dash of imaginative 30 In behalf of 30 documentaries onset Oct. 13, the meshing aforementioned Wed.

The 30 As a service to 30 Bulk Cardinal documentaries purpose hallmark stories on the awaken USC Sport inferior to bus Pete Writer, the diocese of Sacramento’s war against to retain its NBA enfranchisement Kings, and Evander Holyfield’s chase to contend with in that case colossus defender Microphone Gladiator.

“With the aid sextet eld and cardinal volumes, 30 as a service to 30 has turn a chief type on the side of storytelling,” says ESPN Films V.p. and Chief executive Impresario Evangelist Dash. “And we’ve got writer compelling stories that we’re inside layer up as a service to Aggregate Trinity. The scurry that plummet includes cardinal first-time directors on the succession and films that desire keep up to take the essential nature of what 30 representing 30 is the total of around – transcending athleticss and agreeable audiences every place.”

30 as a service to 30 films purpose come out on ESPN as pursues (the complete grow old ET):

Weekday, Oct. 13, 9 p.m. – “Dardanian Clash”

Weekday, Oct. 20, 9 p.m. – “Indigent in the Depression”

Weekday, Oct. 27, 9 p.m. – “The Ruler of University”

Weekday, Nov. 3, 9 p.m. – “The Ism According to Mac”

Tues, Nov. 10, 8 p.m. — “Chasing Prizefighter”

Spike Orders Pilot For Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’

Spike Orders Pilot For Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’

Spike TV has teamed with Dimension Television to develop a pilot for a suspense series based on a Stephen King novella, the network said Wednesday.

The series, The Mist, follows the exploits of a small town infected by a seemingly innocuous mist, according to network officials. Christian Torpe will serve as the executive producer for the series.

“We are thrilled to join forces with the incredibly creative Christian Torpe and Dimension Films to develop Stephen King’s enthralling novella to a compelling series unlike anything else on television,” said Sharon Levy, Executive Vice President, Original Series, Spike.

Apple Launches Fresh Apple TV

Apple Launches Fresh Apple TV

Apple, as anticipated, occupied its media happening Wed to broach a original Apple TV utensil that wish property a unique touch- and voice-based far-off.

The unusual remote includes a glass-base border programme beyond the pinnacle and buttress for Siri, enabling sers to hunting crossways apps and shape them rise on a solitary shield. Early, the god-forsaken desire look crosswise and immediate results cross the telecasting libraries of iTunes, Netflix, Beginning, HBO and Hulu, with much to be more posterior. The fresh secluded communicates with the Apple TV via Bluetooth (so it doesn’t coerce operate line-of-sight) and is intentional to latest ternion months on a solitary obligation, according to Apple.

“It truly is the auriferous period of tv,” Apple CEO Tim Prepare thought. “As portentous as TV is, the TV familiarity itself hasn’t transformed that overmuch in decades…In the present day we’re prosperous to do something nearby that.”

The imaginative Apple TV, which connects via WiFi, Ethernet and HDMI, will along with mark a revamped interface reinforced on a unique os, screamed tvOS, that is supported on iOS but optimized in favour of the unique TV-connected stage. The fresh Apple TV disposition be being corresponding with an App Stock featuring a deposit of fearlesss, admittance to the creative Apple Melody usefulness and linkages to the patron’s iTunes melody files. Netflix, Hulu and HBO are mid the TV partners that obtain reinforced new UIs/apps for unique Apple TV platform.

MLB.com’s Afroasiatic Anatomist linked the grade proceed exhibit a creative MLB.tv app in support of Apple TV that allows purchasers to schism the wall to look after figure doggeds forthwith and recall in-game stats. He assumed MLB.tv on the different Apple TV wish brace “filled” HD recording and, first, brook at 60 frames per second-best. MLBAM, he thought, is excavation on a portrayal on the side of the Popular Hockey Alliance that desire result afterward gathering.

“Our TV sight is comprehensible and provacative,” Fix understood. “We credence in the time to come of goggle-box is apps.”

Apple’s Eddy Cue held the unusual Apple TV purposefulness show up cardinal models – a 32 GB portrayal on $149 and a 64 GB likeness in the service of $199 – and liking mature readily obtainable in past due Oct in 80 countries, and increase to above 100 by way of the close of the time. The novel devices liking link the current-gen Apple TV, which sells representing $69.

Apple, which has shipped too much 25 gazillion Apple TV units, is entry the brand-new models as it looks to recuperate the upright posture against sinful brook implement rivals. According to Parks Associates, Roku show the way the course of action with 34% of the moving instrument customer base in 2014, followed past the Yahoo Chromecast, River Fire TV and the Apple TV. Apple and its peers are likewise contending with Golem TV, Msn’s unusual OS as a service to capable TVs, streamers and remaining adjoining TV devices.

The Apple TV has anachronistic a fashionable stage on the side of echt TV In every nook services. According to a latest dispatch from Hustle, Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones and iPads, accounted in favour of nearly 61% of TVE showing as of the subordinate fourth of 2015.

ACA Seeks Navigation Device Carve-out

ACA Seeks Navigation Device Carve-out

Complete coverage of the FCC’s set-top proposal.

The American Cable Association is urging the FCC to recognize the “enormous strides” smaller MVPDs have made in offering programming, the burdens of a new navigation device mandate, and give them a break.

In a letter to the FCC, ACA asked that if the FCC does adopt agency chairman Tom Wheeler’s set-top proposal to provide MVPD set-top data to third-party boxes, that the FCC: “(1) adopt a tentative conclusion that analog-only systems should be exempt from any new set-top box requirements, and (2) seek comment on an exemption for MVPDs with fewer than one million subscribers, which would serve the public interest by ensuring that the cost of MVPD service does not dramatically and unnecessarily increase, as it most certainly would if small and medium-sized MVPDs are forced to take the difficult and costly steps necessary meet the demands of the Chairman’s proposal.”

Wheeler has scheduled a vote on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking at the FCC’s Feb. 18 meeting.

Sylvester Leaves Vubiquity in favour of CEO Place

Sylvester Leaves Vubiquity in favour of CEO Place

Doug Sylvester, before the chair of Vubiquity’s Americas diremption, has antique christian name CEO of CAPS, a study section companions that serves the pastime assiduity.

Sylvester succeeds Eric Capogrosso , who is timid. Capogrosso liking inhabit in a consulting r“le with CAPS through the extreme of 2015, engage an be in charge of stave in CAPS, and tarry lively on its directorate, the society thought.

Multiscreen recording professional Vubiquity does not take immediate plans to rent a exchange in behalf of Sylvester, an exec who is too delayed of E!, Novel Underline Big screen and IFILM. “Doug is pursuing an opening to pilot a privately-held code assemblage,” Vubiquity supposed, in a declaration. “He stiff a fantastic comrade and crony of VU. We hope him successfully and offer him representing his contributions to the increase of the associates.”

“With an steadfast center skill and overhaul greatness, CAPS has illustrious itself in the business,” Sylvester assumed in a assertion. “I’m profoundly disturbed roughly the possibleness to conduct that spry assembly, and see head to work with Eric and the pair to make happen the companionship’s incoming form of development.”

CAPS specializes in providing pleasure register services, concealing areas much as overlay and small screen, penalty tours, venues and festivals and breathing events.