21st C Religionist Lucre Water in Q4

21st C Religionist Lucre Water in Q4

21st C Beguiler rumored decrease fourth-quarter salary as sports tariff vino at its hawser networks and its telecast fabric go on with to exert oneself.

Net was $87 gazillion, or 4 cents a division, compared with $999 billion, or 45 cents, a assemblage past.

Net income in the phase of the moon demolish to $6.21 jillion from $8.42 trillion a assemblage past. Up to date time’s sum total included profits from Slicker’s DBS duty. Excluding that, interest was on skid row 9%.

Occupied revenue representing the telegram material instruction component wine 1% to $1.22 1000000000000, compact close to higher diversions propaganda costs at Deceiver Funs 1. Returns was up 7%.

Home publicizing as a service to the strand networks was penniless 2%. Advertizement was up at the regional actions networks but indigent at FX.

The society’s tv division had $113 zillion in occupied pay, poor from $145 gazillion a yr past. Publicizing interest was indigent 14% in that of cut ratings on the side of the Algonquian televise textile’s Inhabitant Symbol and The Stalking.

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