Army Ace Hebdomadal Ratings Charts

Army Ace Hebdomadal Ratings Charts

Army System was the nearly watched guy cloth in primetime upon the weeklong stretch that included the July 4th holiday weekend, according to Nielsen.

Army averaged 1.6 jillion assembly to summit the totality of strand scheme amid the workweek of June 29 to July 5, top-hole Finding Ditch, Trinitrotoluene and Algonquian Hearsay who level on subsequent with 1.5 trillion interview.

HGTV and Filmmaker Ditch destroyed ordinal with 1.4 meg spectators, followed by means of TBS (1.2 cardinal conference), Recital (1.1 billion) and FX and Subsistence Mesh (1 gazillion.)

Wittiness Cloth was the crest preference on the side of consultation on a 24-hour basis averaging 1.3 jillion interview, followed beside Filmmaker Trough with 1.2 gazillion audience and Phonograph with 1 trillion conference.

Uncovering Canal was the the majority watched mesh surrounded by adults 18-49 in primetime as the workweek, even as Grown Go swimming took meridian honors in the demonstrate on a 24-hour foundation.

Trinitrotoluene photoplay periodical Main Crimes and Rizzoli & Isles captured the peak digit slots in the midst the nigh watched shows as a rarefied workweek in which a critical living fair experience did not conclude mid the summit 10, according to Nielsen.

Nigh Watched Shows On Wire Midst The Workweek Of June 29 to July 5

Period Program Cloth Sum total Spectators

6/29 Vital Crimes Trinitrotoluene 4.3 trillion

6/30 Rizzoli & Isles Trinitrotoluene 4.2 1000000

7/3 American Scrub Fill Discovery 3.5 zillion

6/29 WWE Mon Tenebrousness Fresh (9-10 p.m.) USA 3.5 cardinal

6/29 WWE Weekday Darkness New (10-11:17 p.m.) USA 3.4 meg

6/29 WWE Mon Stygian Unfinished (8-9 p.m.) USA 3.3 1000000

6/30 The Haves and The Obtain Nots Be in possession of 3.2 gazillion

7/5 Islet Of The Mega Shark Discovery 3.2 meg

7/5 Fiend Mako Invention 3.2 zillion

6/29 Attachment & Alert Jump: Beleaguering VH1 2.9 meg

Provenience: Nielsen

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