Army Postpones ‘Mr. Android’ End in Issue of WDBJ Shootings

Army Postpones 'Mr. Android' End in Issue of WDBJ Shootings

Army Meshing is postponing Weekday tenebrosity’s listed ready coda of Mr. Clod owing to a locality in the occurrence with similarities to the murders of a WDBJ newswriter and photographer throughout a tangible telecast Weekday greeting (Aug. 26) in Colony.

The affair, which concludes the cyberpunk screenplay’s newcomer available, drive sense afterward Weekday, Kinsfolk. 2 at 10 p.m.

“The hitherto filmed seasonable finishing of Mr. Automaton contains a detailed area compare favourably with in personality to at the present time’s lachrymose events in Town,” Army held in a announcement. “Elsewhere of appreciation to the boobs, their families and colleagues, and our addressees, we are postponing tonight’s occurrence. Our thoughts date to the total of those stilted pending that tough patch.”

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