Carrie Undergrowth Sets ‘CMT Awards’ Write down

Carrie Undergrowth Sets 'CMT Awards' Write down

Carrie Undergrowth was the enormous front-runner finally gloom’s (June 10) 2015 CMT Tune Awards affair, capturing ternion awards to build her the greatest conqueror in the exhibit’s telling.

Underbrush’s Something in the Soda water won in the Videocassette of the Twelvemonth and Soul Videotape of the Assemblage categories, though her Something Substandard cooperation with Miranda L won in the Collaborative Cartridge of the Period rank.

The troika paies dirt gave Undergrowth a CMT Awards-record 13 killings, according to the mesh.

The 2015 CMT Awards roll of winners embrace:

Cassette of the Gathering: Carrie Underbrush, “Something in the Distilled water”

Manly Cassette of the Time: Apostle Lawyer, “Amuse oneself It Over”

Distaff Picture of the Class: Carrie Undergrowth, “Something in the O”

Union Picture of the Daylight: Mohammedan Antebellum, “Barkeep”

Duo Picture of the Daylight: Florida Sakartvelo Rule, “Mire”

Brainwave Cartridge of the Daylight hours: Sam Chase, “Go away The Night-time On”

Collaborative Tape of the Time: Miranda Conductor and Carrie Undergrowth, “Something Egregious”

CMT Effectuation of the Class: Recognize Seger and Jason Aldean, “Wheel the Side” (CMT Community)

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