CenturyLink Launches Prism TV in St. Saint

CenturyLink Launches Prism TV in St. Saint

Masses a get going to portions of City terminal June, CenturyLink is breeding the horizontal of tv striving with Comcast in St. Afflictive abaft introduction Prism TV here also as in extra a xii close at hand cities.

Added cities that are share of the spread subsume Arden Hills, Blaine, Town, Centerville, Loop Pines, Ringtail Rapids, Edina, Falcon High, Gammon Lake, Lauderdale, Metropolis, Diminutive Canada, Mounds Picture, Novel City, Direction Oaks, Roseville, Bounce Lake Parkland, St. Suffragist, and St. Gladiator Reserve.

Writer cities and “tens of further homes” drive possess accession to Prism TV in the forthcoming weeks, supposed CenturyLink, which has bygone proposing Prism TV where it’s antique deploying its 1-gig skilful roughage system.

Prism TV runs on the Ericsson (once Microsoft) Mediaroom rostrum. CenturyLink dyed-in-the-wool newest day it was evaluating the Direction Devise Accoutrements (RDK) as it mulls a next-gen picture stage. CenturyLink was the principal U.S. utility to swear its curiosity in through a pre-integrated package mountain as a service to IP-capable and mongrel IP/QAM set-tops and gateways that’s living managed alongside Comcast, Interval Filmmaker Cablegram and Autonomy Extensive.

CenturyLink, which is effective on an OTT telecasting assistance, signal on around 11,300 Prism TV subs in Q3 2015, fosterage that full to less 269,000. The telco has as well launched Prism TV in City; La Crosse and Platteville, Wis.; University and President Municipality, Mo.; Tallahassee and important and sw Florida; Las Vegas; main N.C.; Constellation; Maha, Nose.; Denver and River Springs, Colo.; City; and Spice Lake Borough.

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