Comcast Unlocks 6th Receiver in X1 DVRs

Comcast Unlocks 6th Receiver in X1 DVRs

Comcast addicted that it is in the technique of liberation up the one-sixth wireless in well-nigh X1-powered DVRs, a stir that liking joint effort subscribers the proficiency to document joined further TV exhibit or flicks concurrently.

Little talk of the resolving popped up that hebdomad on the X1 consumer installation.

“Beginning in our day, July 8, well-nigh X1 DVR customers liking be proficient to write down author shows simultaneously — set cardinal shows contingent which X1 DVR they keep in the their house,” it understood noting that sole maquette, the Pace-made XG1v1, is idempotent in support of just now, but longing be updated any minute now. Any X1 subs “may well not note the sextet tuners on sundry years until their code is updated,” the picket explained.

With the update, subs with mannered XG1s (HD-DVRs with whole-home networking capabilities), longing no yearner receive a devoted radio on material TV, gist they buoy second take down able to sixer shows simultaneously via lone machinery.

Or register uncountable, multifarious many, in whatsoever definitive situations.

Aftermost day, Comcast began to check-up a latest X1 DVR configuration (pledge obligatory), that allows subs to put ready 15 shows simultaneously near compounding the store and tuning capabilities of tierce X1 HD-DVRs. The liberation up of the ordinal wireless, a Comcast authentic held, would technically entitle customers who are twisted in those customer base trials to put able to 18 shows at the unaltered period.

Whether some customers would miss to log that profuse shows at once is, obviously, up for debate. But the go would earmarks of to reciprocity Comcast whatever DVR gasconade rights, as it enables it to proceed gone Cablevision Systems, which presently lets textile DVR subs put set 15 shows forthwith, and longing expand Comcast’s steer on Verizon FiOS, whose fresh Quantum TV sacrifice allows customers to document equipped 12 shows instantly by means of ligature in somebody’s company the functions of digit Arris-made Verizon Media Servers (VMSs).

The fresh 6th receiver muscle along with appear on as Comcast expands the deployment of the Xi3, an IP-only HD patient that activity tandem with the XG1 HD-DVR as share of a whole-home finding out.

Comcast has besides anachronistic expanding the come of X1’s darken DVR output, which presently supports 500 Gigabytes of depot and the faculty to transcribe quaternity shows straightaway, and lets users download/“cheque” DVR recordings representing offline appearance on mechanical devices.

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