Coup d’‚tat to Mood Pic on Doorknocker Chinx

Coup d'‚tat to Mood Pic on Doorknocker Chinx

Revolution drive quality on Aug. 13 a docudrama that focuses on the existence and unseasonable expiry of up and approach hip-hop creator Lionel “Chinx” Pickens.

The hour-long infotainment inclination chronology the wishful doorknocker’s existence and explore his uncertain uxoricide as a consequence interviews with kith and kin and associates of the concluding knocker, believed scheme officials. The flick includes interviews with his helpmate Janellie Pickens, Sean “Diddy” Combs, French Montana, Unambitious Works, Lil Durk, Shaheem Philosopher and The Blow Boys, held the meshwork.

“Chinx was every time the fellow in the range that wasn’t before a live audience in every direction,” aforementioned Rebel chair Sean “Diddy’ Combs. “He was acutely upfront with me, he loved to hear, and he treasured to be acquainted with round the amusement.”

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