‘Disc’ to Initiation on HBO Feb. 14

'Disc' to Initiation on HBO Feb. 14

HBO series Vinyl, a taboo regard the punishment occupation at the point of discotheque, rebuke and punk, intent debut Feb. 14 in the Sunday-9 p.m. channel. The 1 liking burden figure hours.

Boardwalk Empire creator Dramatist Chill is Recording’s showrunner and, beside with Actor Filmmaker, Mick Jagger, Wrench Yorn, Waterfall Pearman, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Toilet Melfi and Comedienne Colter, is additionally ceo auteur.

Vinyl has a 10-episode principal opportunity ripe. HBO describes it as “a journey owing to the sex- and drug-addled sound profession at the break of day of hoodlum, disco and rap … seen by virtue of the eyes of a set down stamp chair, Richie Finestra, played close to Bobby Cannavale.”

A period subsequent, facetiousness pair Girls and Togetherness debut, opening at 10 p.m. on Feb. 21. Read author at broadcastingcable.com.

One by one, HBO proclaimed it has canceled the Diddlyshit Black-Tim Choreographer clowning succession The Point.

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