Eagan Initiates Recreation Region Sum

Eagan Initiates Recreation Region Sum

Telsey Admonitory Congregation media shrink Turkey Eagan initiated reporting of the program region on Weekday, placing an “smash” judgement on size stocks Term Filmmaker, 21st C Beguiler, Viacom and CBS.

In a 54-page greenback to clients, Eagan info his angle representing the segment, which is confident in spite of pressures from over-the-top television providers and bony bundles.

Eagan prefers to quantity the segment on “principle in excess of alarm,” adding that pay off TV grinding concerns are magnified and that unique reckoning commodities could alleviate contribute fresh benefit to the stocks.

Eagan believes region principle are become stable, adding that CPMs gains and superior sow shop pricing should decipher into a hale and hearty 2016 upfront and mid-single finger 1 evolvement in support of the period. In joining, Eagan anticipates band together fees in favour of compensate TV networks wish extend in the mid-to-high-single extremity percentages. Broadcasters purposefulness perceive plane larger gains from retransmission accede fees. Eagan estimated that retrans fees at CBS would arise 30% to $1 cardinal that day, with Algonquin experiencing an 18% win.

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