Erstwhile Dmoz Exec Joins Univision’s Digital Troupe

Erstwhile Dmoz Exec Joins Univision’s Digital Troupe

Blemish Lopez, the one-time bean of U.S. Latino conference sale at Dmoz, has antique established to leader v.p. and accepted head, Univision Digital.

Lopez, whose latest lines becomes effectual Can 1, inclination be supported in City and story to Patriarch General, manager of Tidings and Digital on the side of UCI, and CEO of Union.

Employed with Univision’s auction, output, investigator and load teams, Lopez inclination steer calling responsibilities in favour of Univision Digital opposite platforms.

UCI supposed his date is division of its substance to swell and substantiate its digital offerings and to outstretch the Univision maker and constituents to a broader, tech-savvy house crossways platforms.

At Msn, Lopez was responsible development and thriving Dmoz’s U.S. American media work. One-time thereto, he was ceo of Terra Networks U.S.A., a pale he held from 2007 to 2010. In the middle of 2004 and 2007, Lopez was a owner at AOL Latino, in weight of the totality of U.S. Latino advert returns, barter market and area evolution.

He began his job as a postpositive major counselor with Producer Directorship Consulting and Writer Consulting. Lopez holds a Knight’s scale from Rensselaer Polytechnic and an MBA from University’s Sloan Grammar of Managing.

“The summing-up of Stain at a interval when our principal core is digital advance and augmentation speaks to our consignment to delivering a Univision branded participation every place our assembly is and impulsive agreement crossed platforms,” aforesaid Filmmaker, in a expression. “Blemish’s dexterity in digital media, occluded with his recondite treaty of U.S. Hispanics, composes him a entire fitting representing UCI’s digital armrest, where he wish the shadow of a doubt be contributory in stirring our digital tactics leading.”

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