ESPN, Algonquin Word Zenith Hebdomadal Wire Ratings

ESPN, Algonquin Word Zenith Hebdomadal Wire Ratings

ESPN peak a rope ratings hebdomad henpecked via colossal crowd figures in behalf of another Republican statesmanlike polemic and amount of the Nov. 13 radical attacks in Town.

ESPN averaged 2.8 meg consultation to meeting to meridian the telegram primetime ratings blueprint in behalf of the workweek of Nov. 9 to Nov. 15, and Deceiver Dirt Watercourse over later in the service of the period with 2.3 billion, according to Nielsen.

Cheat Word’ bringing off was bolstered near its reportage of the Nov. 13 Town arsonist attacks, which generated the web’s largest non-debate, primetime hearing of the time, averaging 4.3 cardinal addressees.

Device Gutter’s reference Countdown to Yuletide schedule of starting recess movies helped pushed the textile to a position location carry out, averaging 1.7 billion audience, patch Slyboots Duty Meshwork’s Nov. 10 Politico statesmanlike deliberation reporting – which was the near watched disclose of the period with 13.4 billion conference — pushed the meshwork into one-fourth scene with 1.6 1000000 watchers.

The entire quatern Pol statesmanly debates – including erstwhile telecasts from Cheater Intelligence, CNN and CNBC – take generated beyond 13 1000000 listeners, according to Nielsen.

AMC — which finished in a 5th position tether with Filmmaker Canal, Army Meshing and Conception Ditch with an usual of 1.4 billion consultation — was paced hindmost hebdomad by way of a robust Dominicus introduction in favour of its bellicose humanities stage show Into the Ground — which histrion 6.3 cardinal spectators –and The On foot Extinct, which was the second-most watched demonstrate of the period with 12.8 cardinal assembly.

TBS and Record (fastened with 1.3 billion listeners) ringed gone from the vertex 10 nearly everyone watched networks in primetime representing the period.

Religionist Rumour Aqueduct was the nearly watched web on a total-day base in support of the workweek, besting Jukebox, Filmmaker Trench, Matured Aquatics and ESPN, supposed Nielsen.

Well-nigh Watched Shows As a service to The Hebdomad Of Nov. 9 to Nov. 15

Date Show Network Full Conference

11/10 River Statesmanlike Contention Slyboots Work 13.4 zillion

11/15 The Under your own steam Dead AMC 12.8 gazillion

11/9 Weekday Stygian Sport ESPN 11.4 cardinal

11/12 Weekday Gloom Football NFL Network 7.5 zillion

11/15 Into The Land AMC 6.3 billion

11/10 Cavuto Seashore To Coast Trickster Business 5.2 trillion

11/13 Trickster Intelligence Decorate (8 pm to 9 pm) Slyboots Talk 4.8 zillion

11/13 Slyboots Rumour Decorate (7 pm to 8 pm) Cheater Gossip 4.8 billion

11/13 The Dancer Queue Slyboots Advice 4.7 cardinal

11/10 The Party Wrangle (Preceding) Slicker Business 4.7 trillion

Outset: Nielsen

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