ESPN First-rate Hebdomadal Cablegram Ratings Charts

ESPN First-rate Hebdomadal Cablegram Ratings Charts

ESPN nonopening elsewhere Oct as the near watched scheme in primetime, according to Nielsen.

The funs scheme averaged 2.9 zillion assembly to summit the sum of comers amid the hebdomad of Oct. 26-Nov. 1, without even trying besting younger position AMC, which generated 1.9 jillion gathering.

CNBC rode its record-setting Oct. 28 River Polemic reporting to a position area end representing the period with 1.8 gazillion conference, trouncing into the open air adversary hawser tidings maintenance Algonquian Hearsay’ 1.6 cardinal watchers.

Army Web (1.5 billion meeting) Trinitrotoluene and Filmmaker Trough (even with 1.4 trillion) TBS (1.3 meg), HGTV (1.2 cardinal) and Determining Ditch (1.1 jillion) amygdaliform in the vertex 10.

ESPN, Jukebox and Beguiler Tidings trussed representing the meridian blotch middle the nearly watched cablegram networks on a 24-hour footing with 1.1 jillion, with Filmmaker Aqueduct and Matured Drown seal down, according to Nielsen.

Almost Watched Chain Shows Representing Workweek Of Oct. 26 to Nov. 1

Season Tv program Network Aggregate Interview

10/28 Politician Statesmanlike Argumentation CNBC 14.0 gazillion

11/1 The On foot Dead AMC 13.3 billion

10/26 Weekday Stygian Sport (Balt-Ariz) ESPN 12.2 meg

11/1 Discuss Dead AMC 4.6 trillion

10/31 College Sport (Mich-Minn) ESPN 3.6 trillion

10/26 SportsCenter ESPN 3.6 trillion

10/26 WWE Mon Gloom Raw USA 3.6 jillion

10/30 Gravy Determining 3.5 zillion

10/31 College Sport (Ole Miss-Auburn) ESPN 3.4 1000000

10/29 The O’Reilly Factor Cheater Talk 3.4 billion

Fountain-head: Nielsen

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