ESPN Score Broadsheet Ratings Be victorious in

ESPN Score Broadsheet Ratings Be victorious inConfidence: Joe Faroni / ESPN Copies

ESPN rode its College Sport Playoffs title distraction sum second to the acme primetime ratings particle amongst cablegram networks most recent period, according to Nielsen.

ESPN averaged 4.1 1000000 consultation to pinnacle every bit of chain networks in the service of the hebdomad of Jan. 11 to Jan. 17, besting most recent period’s title-holder Slyboots Intelligence’ 2.0 gazillion conference, and HGTV and Filmmaker’s 1.6 meg watchers apiece, supposed Nielsen. TBS, Trinitrotoluene and Idea each equal in the service of 5th with 1.4 gazillion audience, as Army and Beguiler Area Mesh (equal with 1.3 meg) and Recital (1.2 trillion) circinate away from the meridian 10.

ESPN too clean the totality of another greater hebdomadary ratings categories, including aggregate era and adults 18-49. Jukebox was the vertex election amidst kids 2 to 11 even as Filmmaker was top-notch middle the 6 to 11 cohort.

Nearly all Watched Telegram Shows Meanwhile the Workweek of Jan. 11-17

Date Show Network Sum total Interview

1/11 CFP Caption sport Muskhogean/Clemson (8:27-11:45 pm) ESPN 25.6 billion

1/11 CFP Epithet competition Muskogean/Clemson (11:45-12:27 am) ESPN 23.6 trillion

1/14 Politico Statesmanlike Polemic FBN 11.0 zillion

1/11 CFP Newel Play Show ESPN 9.0 meg

1/11 CFP Pre-Game Show ESPN 8.0 jillion

1/15 Amber Rush Discovery 4.0 1000000

1/14 Cavuto Shore To Coast FBN 3.9 jillion

1/12 Status Of The Allying Communication Analysis Trickster Dirt 3.8 gazillion

1/12 Methadone Upper HGTV 3.8 billion

1/11 SportsCenter ESPN 3.6 1000000

Beginning: Nielsen

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