FX Develops App in support of Windows 8

FX Develops App in support of Windows 8

FX Networks has mature an app that utilizes Windows 8, the creative interface in favour of tablets, desktops and mix PCs.

The app, which FX bills as a “mate to the FX performance exposure,” allows listeners to gaze at and grant to the real-time exchange opposite Warble, Facebook and GetGlue. The living sexual media colloquy potty be presented in Timeline or Dapple Perspective, supported on the assembly’ option. By virtue of GetGlue, ultimate consumers buoy “arrest in” to whatsoever FX disclose to hit territory stats and prospect branded digital stickers.

The app purposefulness as well stock up customers with appropriate report and short-form cartridge that supports the fabric’s native serial and movies. The app features hubs in support of apiece of FX’s autochthonous programme.

“The FX app in support of Windows 8 is a paralysing specimen of how volume developers container beget an immersive kind exposure in the unique tenets,” alleged Evangelist Semiotician, elder president of Windows App Exposure as a service to Microsoft Corporation.

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