HBO Leads Chain’s 1 Field Emmys Golds star

HBO Leads Chain’s 1 Field Emmys Golds star

HBO won the idol’s apportionment of Originative Subject Accolade Awards in a immense cimmerian dark in the service of hawser networks, the Institution of 1 Bailiwick and Sciences declared Weekday tenebrousness.

HBO won 29 Emmys, including octad in support of its fancy photoplay sequence Pastime Of Thrones and figure awards in behalf of its beginning run Bessie, according to the Establishment. FX Networks took abode figure Emmys, including cardinal in favour of its succession Ground Revulsion Anecdote: Monster Expose. NBC was subordinate with 11 awards.

Humour Scheme, Jesting Medial, Woman, Netflix and Grown-up Swimming won doubled awards.

FXX wish feeling an emended variety of the disclose on Sat, Sep 19, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, encoring at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Ingenious Discipline Accolade Awards

Gains Past Mesh

(Promulgation and sole winners concerted)

HBO 29

NBC 11

FX Networks 8


Parody Fabric 4

Clowning Middle 4

Cheater 4


Woman Flash Tape 3


Uncovering Trench 3

Netflix 3

Grownup Travel 2 2

Fountain-head: ATAS

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