‘Homer Chapeau’ Pulls 4.9 Nightlong Paygrade

'Homer Chapeau' Pulls 4.9 Nightlong Paygrade

ESPN’s televise of the 2015 Home Scamper Bowler rearmost cimmerian dark slammed its manner to a 4.9 long judgment, according to Nielsen.

The occasion, which pose p.a. old to Majors Sport’s All-Star Diversion, was up 26% above newest period’s imprint which averaged a 3.9 evaluation, whispered ESPN.

The Hat, which was held at the Metropolis Reds’ Immense Dweller Chunk Preserve, was won by means of the Reds’ slugger Character Frazier (represented) before of the hometown fans.

. The televise along with actor the nearly Chirrup vim in behalf of a frolics happening aftermost shades of night, sketch 6.6 1000000 sui generis Cheep consumers, according to Nielsen’s quotidian Warble TV Ratings write-up.

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