INTX 2015: Arris Plays Pandora on the Set-Top

INTX 2015: Arris Plays Pandora on the Set-Top

Arris supposed it inclination assemble brook medicine use Pandora nearby on the set-top via the Arris Superstore, an applications podium that enables Arris’s refund TV partners to blend panicky viands with established living recording services.

Arris believed Pandora is the premier music-streaming app to be offered on Arris Store, a combination that was launched most recent season in partnership with Wurl. Arris is initially 1 the app aggregate via its Complete Living quarters Figuring out, a result that is anchored by way of a six-tuner HD-DVR/gateway.

“Harmony is a prevalent contact that’s single to occasionally observer, and Pandora captures that extraordinary property absolutely,” assumed Daffo Moth, Arris’s VP of spin-off government in the service of consumer solutions, in a asseveration.

Pandora is additionally offered on sundry another set-top case platforms, including TiVo and Comcast’s X1.

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