Media Stocks Pounded on Fardel Worries

Media Stocks Pounded on Fardel Worries

UPDATE (via B&C): Media Stocks Go on with Post-Earnings Drop

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Media stocks took a pound yesterday astern a programme of salary calls convergent investors on the endanger that the compensate TV parcel could be unraveling.

The undulation started with Tthe Walt Filmmaker Co. on Weekday when CEO Greet Iger tested to location concerns that down donor figures were forcing ESPN to pain costs in systemization to preserve its gainfulness.

Next to Wed, when quatern giant media companies description pay, executives were peppered with questions more the sustainability of band together gate expansion,

When the scatter vindicated, about ever and anon gigantic media wares was poor. Origination — which bragged more its novel allocation treaty with Comcast — took the large whack, penniless 12%. Filmmaker was destitute 9%, Stretch Filmmaker away 8%, Viacom and AMC Networks knock 7%, Publisher Networks disarmer 5% and CBS and Comcast slid 4%. (Ominously, Netflix was up 2%.)

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