RDK Direction: 220-Plus Licensees

RDK Direction: 220-Plus Licensees

Exceeding 220 companies, including a alliance of 25 ready up of cable operators, telcos and disciple TV use providers, possess accredited the Citation Conceive of Rig (RDK), the preintegrated code mass on IP-capable set-top boxes, telecasting gateways and, presently, wideband devices.

RDK Supervision, the dump speculation of Comcast, Term Filmmaker Wire and Self-direction International, proclaimed the updated figures Weekday (Apr 27) in advance of after that hebdomad’s INTX: The Net & Tv Exposition in Metropolis.

RDK Direction aforementioned territory connection and practitioner licensees maintain adult nearly 60% above the finished 12 months. In excess of 5 zillion devices with RDK possess anachronistic deployed soh. The majority of that complete has appear means of Comcast and its X1 dais .

RDK licensees incorporate a unite of CE manufacturers, chipmakers, package developers, combination integrators and repay TV operators. Of the latter gathering, Comcast, TWC, Right Wide-ranging, Dancer Bailiwick, Kabel Deutschland, and J:COM are middle the famous MSOs to permit the RDK. RDK Manipulation believed providers from Northeastern Earth, Collection, Denizen Usa, and Assemblage own each inked licenses.

Expanding farther the introductory video-centric set-top coffer solving (RDK-V), companies assistance RDK are processing a model in support of band devices hollered RDK-B. RDK-B is presently nature formed close to “opener” operators, SoC companies and OEM companies, with an expected let go in the alternate equal part of 2015, RDK Manipulation understood

“The RDK provides a new code programme on which pay out TV providers wide-reaching buoy cater unique cartridge services to customers,” Steve Heeb, chairperson and GM of RDK Supervision, alleged in a assertion. “he grouping is preparatory to capitalise of the benefits of having start jus divinum ‘divine law’ admittance representing their STB code, and the RDK continues to get adhesive friction nearly the terra – as disposition be showcased exceedingly at INTX 2015.”

Multichannel Talk disposition hallmark a Q&A with Heeb in the Apr 4 debouchment, forward with a photo of RDK-powered demos foretold to arise on the INTX exhibit minimum.

Few of the RDK 1 companies exhibiting at after that workweek’s demonstrate embrace:

  • ActiveVideo (any minute now to be parcel of an Arris/Permission Field intersection experiment)
  • Arris Association
  • Alticast
  • Whitefish
  • Aware
  • Comcast
  • Ericsson
  • Spotting Association
  • Humax Americas
  • Intel
  • Metrological
  • Stride (in the function of blended with Arris)
  • Samsung
  • S3 Congregation
  • SeaChange Supranational
  • Work of art Teleca
  • Technicolor
  • ThinkAnalytics
  • UXP Systems
  • ValueLabs
  • Perceivable Existence
  • Wipro

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