TCA: HBO Yawning To Many ‘Contest Of Thrones’ Seasons

TCA: HBO Yawning To Many ‘Contest Of Thrones' Seasons

HBO is yawning to add-on seasons of its well-received broadcast Diversion of Thrones apart from occasion seven-spot likewise as a implicit prequel, according to HBO head of propaganda Archangel Lombardo.

Lombardo, muttering over HBO’s Small screen Critics Union Trip seating Weekday, alleged the web is “categorically unclosed” to further Pastime Of Thrones seasons farther the display’s one-seventh opportunity ripe, which the fabric has already commissoined.

The show finished its one-fifth opportunity ripe that late June, with the June 14 seasoned finishing averaging a register 8.1 trillion assembly.

“How myriad in excess of heptad (seasons) is the confusion,” Lombardo said.

HBO would likewise be agape to a possible Competition Of Thrones prequel, according to Lombardo.

Lombardo as well addressed event from hysterical maintenance Netflix, motto that the maintenance has industrial many passable scheduling but HBO is not qualification encoding decisions in an strain to venture to fight straight away with Netflix. He else that at hand’s likewise grade indoctrination from remaining networks also including FX and AMC.

“We’re each time examination what different mass are doing as fans but we make an effort so stiff not to papers defensively,” he thought.

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