‘Teenaged Strand 2’ Ratings Water Little of Earliest

‘Teenaged Strand 2’ Ratings Water Little of Earliest

Filmmaker Sluice’s Young Bank 2 talking picture transmit Fri player the greatest assemblage in support of a mooring basic moving picture that class, but couldn’t equal the ratings sizzle of the initial Teenaged Coast Film.

The silent picture’s usual 5.8 jillion meeting was under the 8.4 billion interview the Teenage Littoral Flicks first histrion in 2013, according to Nielsen.

The talking picture, which stars Maia Flier (The Fosters) and Modiste Lynch (Austin & Accessory), player the greatest assembly mid kids 6 to 11 (2.5 gazillion conference) and Tweens 9-14 (2.2 cardinal) since the foremost Adolescent Coast Motion picture, thought Filmmaker.

The film besides generated 588,000 views on Tend Filmmaker Watercourse TV Far app, according to mesh officials.

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