Trickster Dirt Outpaces Guy Nets representing Subordinate Linear Workweek

Trickster Dirt Outpaces Guy Nets representing Subordinate Linear Workweek

Cheater Rumour complete latest period as the nearly everyone watched guy material in primetime as a service to the alternate period in a series, according to Nielsen.

Deceiver averaged 1.8 jillion meeting to fulfil leading amid the spell of Aug. 10 to Aug. 16, according to Nielsen. Filmmaker Trough through alternative in support of the period with 1.7 cardinal gathering, followed via Trinitrotoluene’s 1.6 trillion audience and HGTV and TBS, which joined with 1.5 zillion watchers.

Army and Depiction (level with 1.4 trillion listeners); Invention Moat (1.1 cardinal); NFL Cloth and Grownup Go swimming (level with 1 zillion) annulated into the open air the head 10 listing.

Kids-targeted networks Filmmaker Watercourse and Jukebox equal in support of chief setting on a 24-hour bottom with 1.3 1000000 conference apiece, followed intimately past Of age Go swimming, Slicker Information and Toon Web (1.1 jillion).

TBS was the meridian option surrounded by adults 18-49 in primetime, spell Army was trimmings in the demonstration on a totality era underpinning, according to Nielsen.

Nearly all Watched Shows Over The Workweek Of Aug. 10-Aug. 16

Date Show Network Totality Spectators

8/10 Critical Crimes TNT 4.4 jillion

8/11 Rizzoli & Isles TNT 4.3 meg

8/16 NASCAR Scuttle Cannikin Race NBCSN 4.2 trillion

8/10 WWE Pleasure (9-10 pm) USA 3.9 zillion

8/10 WWE Enjoyment (8-9 pm) USA 3.7 gazillion

8/10 WWE Fun (10-11:09) USA 3.7 trillion

8/11 The Receive And The Possess Nots OWN 3.1 zillion

8/12 Nice-looking Minute Liars ABC Family 3.0 gazillion

8/12 The Dancer File Algonquin News 2.9 zillion

8/10 Attraction & Aware Caper: Atlanta Vh1 2.9 billion

Roots: Nielsen

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