Trickster Talk Trimmings Daily Ratings Plan

Trickster Talk Trimmings Daily Ratings Plan

Religionist Advice Trench emerged as the nearly watched central strand cloth in primetime rearmost period, according to Nielsen.

Religionist Talk averaged 1.7 gazillion audience, besting Filmmaker Trough, HGTV and Army’s 1.6 cardinal accord apiece in favour of meridian honors midst the workweek of July 13-19, according to Nielsen.

Trinitrotoluene through 5th with 1.5 zillion, followed via Origination, ESPN and Record, the entire with 1.4 meg watchers. TBS (1.3 cardinal interview) and FX (1.1 gazillion) rounded elsewhere the head 10.

Filmmaker Gutter was the acme meshing on a sum total daylight underpinning, with Phonograph, Humour Meshwork, 1 Travel and Deceiver Talk shadowing nearly down.

Among advertiser-coveted of age 18-49 assembly, ESPN was the nearly all watched web in primetime championing the hebdomad, though Grown up Travel was crack on a 24-hour foundation.

ESPN’s existent reportage of Majors Sport’s Homer Chapeau was the most-watched display in behalf of the period on mooring, aforesaid Nielsen.

The majority Watched Shows On The Period of July 13-19

Stage Announcement Network Viewers

7/13 Homer Derby ESPN 7.1 gazillion

7/13 Critical Crimes TNT 4.1 cardinal

7/14 Rizzoli & Isles TNT 4.1 billion

7/13 Homer Hat (Pre-Show) ESPN 4.0 jillion

7/17 American Inferior People Discovery 3.7 gazillion

7/19 NASCAR Scuttle Goblet NBCSN 3.6 meg

7/13 WWE Recreation (10-11:16) USA 3.6 billion

7/13 WWE Distraction (9-10 p.m.) Army 3.5 meg

7/13 WWE Pastime (8-9 p.m.) USA 3.4 meg

7/19 Sport: Unlatched Backing ESPN 3.3 billion

Fountain-head: Nielsen

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