Univision Slates Archangel Soto’s Current Novela

Univision Slates Archangel Soto’s Current Novela

The most recent telenovela to combination strike out the edge from Mexico, civility of Televisa, has inaugurate a house on Univision, on weeknights at 10 p.m.

Yo no creo en los hombres (“I Head’t Accept In Men”) features fertile telenovela doer Archangel Soto (Querida Enemiga, La Fuerza del Destino, Sortilegio) as Maximiliano Bustamente, “a substantial and veracious barrister” who meets penniless and aristocrat female Region Dolores — played by means of Adriana Louvier (Quiero Amarte, La mujer de Lorenzo) — as at a the fuzz location.

Mare Dolores has alighted at the policewomen location aft animation unjustly laid-off from her vocation as a dressmaker, owed to erroneous accusations of thievery from her manager. The theatrical piece continues as Mare Dolores faces tension to treat her relatives astern the expiration of her paterfamilias, whom she is faultily suspected of murdering.

Impressed by way of her anima and belle, Maximiliano offers to lend a hand her even as featured with the potential of descending enamored, plane granted he is busy to a high-society bride who is unsportsmanlike on him with her sport trainer. Interim, Tree Dolores is dating a fellow who, unbeknown to her, is occupied to a under age plain-Jane inheritress who agrees to relieve him sidestep his kinsfolk’s failure.

Yo no creo en los hombres bring abouts its premiere in the U.S. afterwards achieve awards representing Superlative Prompt Actress (Louvier), Unexcelled Usher Human (Soto), Finest Macho Contender (Flavio City), and club opposite categories at the 2015 Premios TV y Novelas. That is the tertiary gospel of the telenovela, which prime airy on Televisa in 1969 and was so retooled in 1991, with the make aeration on Render de las Estrellas in Mexico. That portrayal is a produce of the 1991 variant, which ventilated on Render de las Estrellas from Sep 2014 be means of mid-February 2015.

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