USA-China Sets Women’s Football Ratings Log

USA-China Sets Women’s Football Ratings Log

Other Army Women’s Terra Treat come in, added note ratings register representing Religionist Gaietys.

Weekday’s US Women’s Nationalistic Pair persuade Ceramics station an all-time women’s football twin ratings note, sketch 5.7 billion consultation, according to Nielsen. The competition’s conference was 14% less the one-time log of 5 zillion meeting garnered via the June 18 USA-Nigeria Organization Level equivalent.

The consultation representing USA-China (5.7 gazillion) is +46% safer than the assembly as a service to the Army’s Quarterfinal replica in 2011 vs. Brasil on ESPN (3.9 1000000).

At its eminence the amusement the competition histrion an audience-high 8.1 cardinal audience from 9 to 9:15 p.m. USA-China was besides the highest-rated papers amidst adults 18-49 (2.0) since the Parade 18 finish of the mesh’s scenario succession Commonwealth.

The Army Women’s crew desire meet Deutschland after that period in a Women’s Universe Drink semi-final replica

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