Verizon FiOS Bows Perquisite TV ‘At liberty Outlook’

Verizon FiOS Bows Perquisite TV ‘At liberty Outlook’

Verizon Bailiwick is subscription customers another gift, granting that patch it’s not around Gift Observations, its unique ad-sponsored unstationary statistics utility.

In lieu of, the focal point is on FiOS TV and pumping up its stimulus offerings. The utility has furled into the open air a try-before-you-buy hallmark titled Untrammelled Scene that lets subs cheque bonus channels, including HBO, Outset, Starz, EPIX, or Cinemax, gratis representing a 48-hour while.

Unfettered Spectacle, reactive with the remote, provides that provisional admittance to unified of those aforesaid award channels (real augments, additional VOD) in support of digit years via the set-top or the FiOS Expressive App.

Customers crapper start unified 48-hour private showing of apiece award trench at one time p.a., Verizon supposed.

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