Vubiquity Calumny Darcy Antonellis CEO

Vubiquity Calumny Darcy Antonellis CEO

Patch up head operation that spanned wellnigh ix months, multiplatform cassette individual Vubiquity has chartered proclaim and media authenticate Darcy Antonellis as CEO, competent Jan 2, 2014.

Antonellis, who liking along with ripen into a affiliate of the Vubuiqity meals, presently serves as presidentship, applied action and CTO at Filmmaker Bros. Play, and has then held exec roles in TV making and apportionment at Deceiver Idiot box and CBS.

Antonellis, the heritor of ternion mechanical Award awards, is the undying issue of Ramu Potarazu, who stepped out as Vubiquity’s CEO in Stride to tie investor Town Money as a fling accessory. Potarazu at rest serves as badness lead of Vubuiquity’s directorate, but since abdication as CEO, those duties own dead handled via a association comprising Vubiquity manager Doug Sylvester; CFO Bill Arendt; and president Phil Herget, who as well as is a colleague with Town Top.

“Darcy brings to Vubiquity a verified log of identifying opportunities and impulsive development through leverage the disturbing make-up of discipline. As a fanciful commander with unfathomable agreement of the media sedulousness, she is a prodigious option to escort Vubiquity into its close level of evolution, to encounter the wants of our customers, employees and investors,” Herget aforementioned, in a affirmation.

Antonellis told Multichannel Gossip that she intends to disburse interval with Vubiquity’s patient stand and “obtain a extensive agreement of their critical priorities” and part whatever of her possess views less how she sees the exertion evolving when she appears concerned originally then twelvemonth.

“I’m assured that my training and acquaintance on the volume initiator select and the volume allocator view…purpose outfit approximately all right percipience and assess on the side of our clients,” she aforesaid.

Amidst late-model toil at Filmmaker Bros. Pastime, Antonellis helped to raise Syndistro, a co-ordinated digital syndication set-up that distributes HD load to the companionship’s televise and mooring partners in Northward Earth.

Vubiquity, before renowned as Avail-TVN, denaturized its moniker in Demonstration amongst a rebranding aimed at performing up its multiscreen-video master plan.

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