Vubiquity Extends Pass over to MPEG-4

Vubiquity Extends Pass over to MPEG-4

Extending a link to a author bandwidth-efficient codec, Vubiquity has introduced a imaginative linelike cartridge policy on mooring operators that integrates MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encourages.

The maintenance, callinged LiveVU, is premeditated to mitigate MSOs budge to MPEG-4/AVC, a aspect that’s less 50% supplementary proficient than MPEG-2, as they pursue to enlarge their Telecasting tiers and deploy mixture set-tops that dismiss hold both picture codecs.

Vubiquity illustrious that it’s already delivering 103 HD channels in MPEG-4, and expects to distend that crowd from the beginning to the end of the time.

Americable, which provides telly utility to US man deployed in Continent, desire be amidst the leading to get going with the joint LiveVU organized whole that June, the assemblage understood.

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